• Genuine Festool blades for Festool saws
Part NumberProductPrice [Incl. GST]Qty
S1266160 x 2.2/20mm x 28T Timber
S1267160 x 2.2/20mm x 48T MDF
S1268160 x 2.2/20mm x 52T Aluminium
S1269190 x 2.8/30mm x 32T Timber
S1270190 x 2.8/30mm x 48T MDF
S1271190 x 2.8/30mm x 68T Aluminium
S1272210 x 2.4/30mm x 36T Timber
S1273210 x 2.4/30mm x 52T MDF
S1274210 x 2.4/30mm x 72T Aluminium
S1276260 x 2.4/30mm x 68T Aluminium
S1275260 x 2.5/30mm x 60T Timber
S1277260 x 2.5/30mm x 80T MDF


• Genuine Festool blades for Festool saws
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