S350G Three Phase Low/Med Speed (21/42rpm) Brobo Coldsaw - Integrated Stand

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  • Quick action mitering
  • Mitering locking device stops at 45° left, straight 90° and 45° right
  • Fully integrated coolant system provided on all machines
  • Spindle and drive unit immersed in oil solution and enclosed within gearbox housing for smooth performance and reduced machine wear
  • Every unit is provided with a high speed steel blade for general purpose cutting of ferrous solid and tube profiles
  • Saws supplied with integrated stand.
  • Trigger Switch (DMT) to activate Machine


  • Dual Arm Single Manual Vice
  • Pneumatic Air Vice Clamping
  • Roller Conveyor with Steel Rollers
  • Conveyor Mounting Brackets LHS & RHS
  • Feed Roller Attachments
  • Adjustable Conveyor Stands
  • Broborule Length Stop Kits

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