The better MIG Torch

There are many great MIG torch options on the market at the moment but here are 3 great reasons the XP8 MIG torch is the better option.

Tougher | The XP8 has incredible Parts, Life Operators have been known to weld up to 1 ton of wire with just one XP8 contact tip! The XP8 is Super Tough and Highly shock-resistant & damage-resistant. The High Duty Cycle XP8 will keep welding, keep cool and keep productive!

Cooler | If you have a torch that is cooler you have less Problems which means you will have Happier & Safer Operators. Torch over-heating. Annoying wire feed jams and voltage drop problems. ‘Hot hand’ and burn hazards. Just part of being a MIG operator? Not with XP8!

Smarter | The XP8 has lower Operating Costs. Reduce the money you spend on consumables, repairs and replacement torches. Simply Easier and Less Hassle. Cut back the time you waste changing parts, doing repairs and fixing problems.

If the frustration of a typical welder is getting you down? Or you just want to try something new? Checkout our XP8 product page or Contact us today to find out more.

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